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Why us?

indeed! - your communication network has been one of the most popular event and full-service agencies in the DACH region since 2003.

Our customers like to call us the Austrian automotive champion in the automotive sector - however, we deliver TOP results in other customer segments as well!

Excerpt from the customers who give us their trust:

Highest standards in communication

Our national and international TOP customers trust in our many years of offline and online event and communication experience, as well as our know-how in the areas of web services and IT infrastructure and data protection.

Thanks to our open-network structure, we have the opportunity to offer a full and wide range of services. For each job, we assemble the highest-qualified team from a pool of employees, partner agencies and freelancers.Therefore we always guarantee the highest quality.

Projects delivered on time:



Impressed customers

We let this number speak for itself! We would be pleased if you become part of our network! Together we will grow your project to the next level.


Different locations

We focus on organic customer growth and gained a strong bond with international companies from all over the world. We pay attention to countryspecific standards and great locations.

100k +

Smiling faces

In Viennese we say: " It is all about the fun" and this is what we actually live for. Boredom is a nogo and hardly ever happens in our day-to-day work.

Its about high standards and new trends!

"We are working for a better future and you can be a part of it."
is one of our guiding principles.

That's why we always hit the point with our specially developed products. We merge new state of the art technologies with creative visions to create innovative digital products. Therefore, we not only cover the entire communication needs, but also compete in the global market!

From professional live streaming in the studio to digital hybrid events and video conference tools, to test drive @home systems, we have it all!


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